★ This winter only ★ Cheese fondue course 【Changing to hole cake for birthday etc. for free】 3240 yen
★ This winter only ★ Cheese fondue course 【Changing to hole cake for birthday etc. for free】 3240 yen
3240 yen

Cheese fondue course of winter ★ You can change the dessert to Hall cake for free! Of course you can also add surprise options for free!


【Appetizer】 Three appetizers

【Salad】 Italian salad

【Pasta】 tomato pasta with basil and cheese

【Cheese fondue】 rich cheese fondue

【Meat Main】 Steak with Pork Shoulder Roast

【Dessert】 Baked cheese cake

※ For celebrations such as birthday, anniversary and so on, you can change to a hole cake for free !!

※ All you can drink from + 540 yen

※ The same day reservation will be received as well!

※ LINE reservation acceptance started now! ★ LINE ID ★ 3s.tres

【Free Surprise Option】

★ Birthday balloon indoor decoration

※ I will decorate your seat with a birthday balloon etc.!

※ Image may differ slightly from image.please note that.

★ Surprise movie DVD production (1 DVD for 1 takeaway! For additional 1000 yen per sheet)

* We will display a photo slideshow and message on the seat monitor !!

※ Please send picture material to LINE ID: 3s.tres by the day before.

In addition, comment movies etc are totaled within 5 minutes, and photos are limited to 30 sheets.

* Production fee will be charged depending on the prescribed number of sheets and requested content.

■ Surprise by name banner of the protagonist

※ Decorate your name on the seat!


■ Birthday Song

* When you bring a cake, here is a birthday song we have selected carefully!

Song requests are also available.

■ Crackers

■ Immediate day hand delivery photography

■ Lending birthday goods

■ Plate message I will write a message on the cake plate

■ Colored Paper Message Card

★ Cinderella birthday ♪

0 o'clock The birthday surprise will be produced at the moment when the date just changed!

【Charged option】

★ Dress cake of the topic now 3000 yen (tax excluded)

★ Original illustration cake 3000 yen (excluding tax)

■ Fruit bouquet 5000 yen (excluding tax)

■ Photo cake with photo 2,000 yen (tax excluded)

■ Fireworks! Birthday cocktail 500 yen (tax excluded)

■ Prepared bouquet 2000 yen (tax excluded) ~

■ Change to heart-shaped hall cake (number of people × 200 yen)

■ 1 bottle of Champagne Tower (excluding tax) (free service with use of coupons for over 8 people!)